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The Construction Process

Selection Timeline

This document is to outline the general timeline for the selection of certain items for your new home.  The timeline is designed to give the customer a deadline for the selection process to keep the project on schedule.  Any delay in the selection process will ultimately delay the completion date for your new home.  It is the customer’s responsibility to meet the outlined time frame so the materials will be available in time for installation.  It is a team effort between builder, customer and subcontractors to deliver the new home on time and on budget.  We hope this information will help you during this exciting period.  Thank you for selecting Centerline Custom Homes.  

This is not an all inclusive list for the items required for selection.  The stated deadlines from contract signing are the maximum time limit.  Please select all the items as soon as possible to help with scheduling and delivery timing.

Contract Signing is the beginning of the Timeline (Week 0)

1Prior to Construction

Week 1

Define all exterior materials and colors

Select siding color

Select brick color and type

Select all doors type and color

Select shutter type and color

Select windows type and color

Select exterior driveway and walkway materials and colors

Select decking material and patio materials and colors

Select roofing materials and colors

Select garage doors style and color

Select gutters location and color

Select surveyor and start Preliminary site plan

Define height of Foundation


Week 2

Finalize site plan

Sign final application

Write checks for application and bond fees

Pay water meter fee/ acreage fee/ irrigation fee (Brunswick County)

Mark trees for removal on site plan


Week 3

POA/ARB application signed and submitted to POA/ARB Board


2During Construction

Week 4

POA package approved for POA/ARB


Week 5

Construction begins—lot clearing and footings


Week 6

Foundation construction begins

Select plumbing fixtures and tubs


Week 7

Framing starts garage slab poured

Select fireplace type and style


Week 8

Select all electrical locations

Select location for heavy lighting fixtures and fans

Select all plumbing locations

Select thermostat locations

Select locations for surround sounds, data, TV Phones


Week 9

Select cabinets and countertops (select granite)

Select appliances type and location (gas or electric)

Fill out Propane application and pay fee


Week 10

Select interior colors and wallpaper

Select all tiles for interior and exterior areas

Select type of hardwood flooring

Week 11

Select interior doors

Select hinge color and type

Select interior trim

Select all stair parts, type of wood, and style

Mantel style and design

Fireplace surround

Week 12

Start the landscaping plan

Select bushes, trees, lawn type


Week 13

Sign and submit landscaping plan to POA/ARB


Week 14

Select lighting fixtures

Select kitchen faucet and sink

Finalize all sinks and faucets type and color

Select bathroom hardware

Select interior and exterior door hardware

Select front door hardware


Week 15

Select hardwood color and finish

Select carpet

Select cabinet door hardware

Select mirrors and shower doors

Finalize landscaping details


Week 16

Backsplash for kitchen

Driveway design and style