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Happy Holidays from Centerline Development & Christmas Party 2010 photos

Categories: Holidays | Posted: December 23, 2010



Centerline Development and Realty would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

And Best of Luck in the New Year!

Check out some of the photos from our Christmas Party this year below. It was a blast and we thank you all for coming!


Centerline Construction Chat 4: Spray Foam Foundation

Categories: Building a Home, Centerline Construction Chat, Construction Process, Uncategorized | Posted: December 22, 2010

Watch our video to see Jeff Satterwhite explain the benefits of using a Spray-Foam Foundation and what it is.. 

Spray Foam:
 Closed Cell Spray Foam for Foundation Treatment

Insulation on Foundation walls is a closed cell polyurethane Spray Foam 
2 Roles:

1. It is a moisture barrier because the foam is rigid. Rigid Foam creates a moisture barrier on the outer side of the wall. Stops moisture penetration through the foundation wall to help keep the crawl space dry and sealed.

2. About 2.5 inches thick R19 insulation creates a heated and cooled environment in the crawl space. Use air that is inducted into the crawl space area from the heat and air condition systems in the vents to create a positive pressure in the crawl space area.

The foam is rigid and tough and has 2 coats of this polyurethane membrane on the ground to stop ground moisture and turned up the wall to create a semi-sealed crawl space.

– Heated and Sealed so you don’t need Floor insulation on the floor system.
1. The heated and cooled area because the walls are insulated, create a warm floor environment so that it  is the same +/- temperature as your home.

2. Also created the positive pressure which forces any moisture in the crawl space to the exterior of your home.  There are no vents or penetration through the exterior wall.  This is very good in this area to help control moisture, keep the floors warm, it is part of the Energy Star Program and also helps save money.

Thanks for watching! For more information or questions, go to or contact Jeff Satterwhite at (910) 620-8883 or