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Blog Archive for January, 2011

St. James POA Submittal Schedule for Building

Categories: St. James Plantation, St. James POA | Posted: January 27, 2011

If you’re looking to build in St. Jams Plantation, this is a schedule you will want to see.


Centerline Construction Chat 5: Slab Construction

Categories: Building a Home, Centerline Construction Chat, Construction Process | Posted: January 25, 2011

Watch as Jeff Satterwhite explains what is involved in the Slab Construction Process and how it works. Don’t forget to check out our other Centerline Construction Chat episodes to learn more about the Building Process!

In this video, Learn about:
Plumbing that is in a slab
Stress Relief Lines that are cut in a slab
Items to hold down walls in a slab
Elevator pits
The type of Concrete

Plumbing – pipes are lines with a special bag that is hot and cold. The actual plumbing pipe is on the inside of the bags and allows the concrete to expand and contract around the bag and not the pipe so that as hot and cold water is passes through the pipe, it doesn’t crack the concrete or damage the pipe.

Same with the drain pipe, there is a plastic shield around the pipe to let it expand and contract at different rates the concrete with damaging either the pipe or concrete.

Stress Relief Lines – There is a line cut in the concrete with a concrete saw in certain areas around the slab as well so that the concrete can expand and contract without splitting as it heats and cools.

Holding slab walls down – There is a square washer and a 5/8 galvanized nut which hold down the 2-by-4 walls on the slab with galvanized rods. This is part of the 130 mil an hour wind zone procedure.

Elevator – The pit is set up with another drain by the engineer so the floor of the elevator will be level with the floor of the slab.

Type of Concrete – Underneath the slab is compacted sand and gravel to create a strong base for the floor.  The type of concrete used is 3000 psi with fiber. The whole floor will have either hardwood flooring or tile. So there will be all concrete underneath it.

Thanks for watching! For more information or questions, go to or contact Jeff Satterwhite at (910) 620-8883 or