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Blog Archive for April, 2013

Announcing the Ocean Dunes Collection

Categories: Brunswick County Home Building, North Carolina Living, Ocean Dunes Collection | Posted: April 25, 2013

Ocean Dunes Home PlansWe’re excited to announce the brand new Ocean Dunes Collection. This will be a collection of 10 new coastal home plan designs and styled for the easy-living lifestyle of eastern North Carolina. The plans will range in size between 2,200 square feet and 3,500 square feet. All the plans will be priced as a complete package with several options so the homeowner can put their personal touch on their new home. The Ocean Dunes Collection will have the custom quality of Centerline custom homes, but priced for today’s economy. Hone plans will maximize open space, large windows, upgraded molding, and numerous other upgrades.

Please visit the website in June to see all the exciting new coastal plans with custom quality at the right price.

Centerline Construction Chat: Renovation Series Part I – Elevated Renovation

Categories: Cement, Centerline Construction Chat, Home Renovation | Posted: April 22, 2013

Have you thought about doing a renovation on your house? Jeff is doing 3-part Renovation series of videos. Below is the first video about putting columns on a flood plane.


Elevated Renovation –There is a concrete column in this case – this home is in the floodplain in St. James Plantation, NC. There are a couple different ways to do an elevated house. You can do it on pilings or you can do it on masonry units (concrete columns).

These are built out of block filled with masonry or concrete, so the CMU is laid with a 5/8 threaded rod in the center of it for wind hold down, then the entire column is filled with concrete.

So depending where you are in a floodplain or where you are in St. James Plantation or Eastern NC determine how high the columns need to be. The outer surface has been parged with the cement material to give it a sand finish and you can go back over the top of it with a stucco or a variety of different types of finishes.

If you have any questions regarding elevated construction or a remodel for your home in Eastern NC, please contact us at (910) 620-8883 or