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Categories: Building a Home, Construction Process | Posted: March 23, 2011

Centerline Construction Chat 6: Plumbing

Categories: Building a Home, Centerline Construction Chat, Construction Process | Posted: March 23, 2011

Check out our Video on Rough-In Plumbing to learn how the plumbing works for a kitchen sink

Rough-In Plumbing
This video was filmed in the unfinished kitchen by the Sink at Lot 52 St. James

It is important to note that Jeff Satterwhite is not a plumber, he is a general contractor.

There is a Cold line and Hot line which are made of a material called PEX, a PVC type of plastic pipe which has good quality for expanding and contracting due to heat and cold, gain and loss.

Each corner or union of the piping has brass fittings with special compression rings. The brass stub out-tips connect to the faucet because the brass ends make a better pigtail and a lot of faucets have sortered end that must be sortered with copper.

Most of the runs in the lines that are hot and cold supply are made of the PEX PVC material, which is very strong, much better than the material from 10-15 years ago that was made with polybutylene This is a new type of polymer piping.

The larger white PVC pipe serves as a vent and a drain. It comes from the drain from the sink and is Schedule-40 piping. Every particular fixture for plumbing has to have a vent in order to vent the sewer gas and create a water supply and to let the air drain from the water so you don’t have the gurgling sound.

Nail plates are put at the bottom of the piping to protect the pipes from the sheet rock and trim. Normally the Supply lines are 20-feet long. So they try to have the unions above or below the wall so there are very few unions that are actually in the wall cavity.

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St. James Plantation Community Center and Town Hall

Categories: St. James Plantation | Posted: March 22, 2011

As many of you might already know, St. James Plantation now has a Community Center and Town Hall!  The Community Center is huge, stretching over 13,500 square feet, and seats over 500 with auditorium-style seating and over 300 for dinner and dance.  The big ballroom space can be sectioned off depending on the size of the function or so that multiple events can be held at the same time.

Other features include a spacious kitchen, an arts and crafts room and several different sized and shaped meeting rooms.  The outdoor terrace and gathering area even has a wet bar. 

The 8,200 square foot town hall facility neighbors the Community Center. The Town Hall will also offers space for the St. James Property Owners’ Association and a separate office for the town staff – including the mayor and town manager.  Formal meeting rooms with high-tech audio visual equipment act as “command central” and the adjoining conference room makes for great meeting space.