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Centerline Construction Chat: Renovation Series Part II – Mechanicals and Floodplain

Categories: Brunswick County Home Building, Centerline Construction Chat, Floodplain, Renovation | Posted: May 25, 2013

Hear from Jeff Satterwhite about what is required when you’re building on a Floodplain in terms of the various mechanical features for your home.

Renovation Part II – Mechanicals and Floodplain

St. James Plantation, NC – This part of the land (that Jeff is on) is on the floodplain, on the marsh – all mechanicals, electrical wires, switches, compressors – anything that has to do with mechanical or wires, has to be above the freeboard of the floodplain. This area is an AE-11 zone. So, in Brunswick County, you have to have 2 feet above the AE-11, meaning everything has to be above the 13 foot elevation. The ground elevation here is about 6 feet, which means all mechanicals have to be 7-8 feet above the floodplain in order to be compliant with the local and CAMA building codes.

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