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Centerline Construction Chat: Insulation

Categories: Building a Home, Centerline Construction Chat, Construction Process, Insulation, NC Construction | Posted: December 21, 2011

Watch the following video and see Jeff Satterwhite explain what Insulation is made of and what the purpose is. Find a text description underneath the video.


Craft Faced Insulation (paper) – The craft is glued onto an expanded fiberglass backing – very typical type of Insulation used in most construction projects

The fiberglass expands out to trap air molecules, which slows down the heat loss or heat gain in any structure.

The Craft facing gives one more layer to stop air penetration and also has a little moisture barrier on the back of it.

Insulation thickness is based on R ratings. The rating depends on how thick the fiber glass padding is. R-15 is thinner than R-19; R-30 is thicker than R-19. R value depends on energy ratings or how quickly the heat loss/gain is, which is all about the thickness of the material.

There are two sides to the insulation, the craft side and the back side. The craft side faces towards the heated area, the other side towards the cool area, because it is working as a barrier.

Sheet rock will go on top of the insulation.

Also in attic space that touches unheated space, like an upstairs loft area or bonus room that has attic space behind it, normal craft face insulation is used, backed by expanded 2-inch blue foam, which is a very dense product that is nailed and glued to the wall. This turns the insulation fating from an R-15 to a R-25, which dramatically increases energy efficiency. This fairly inexpensive product can cut heating/cooling costs greatly.

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