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Centerline Construction Chat 9: Picking the Right Lot

Categories: Building a Home, Lot Selection | Posted: August 7, 2011

Watch the following video to learn more about what factors make a homesite good and bad when trying to decide what lot of land is right for you. Below is a written description of the video.

Lot selection and lot quality

Be careful with your lot selection, there are a lot of factors that can make a homesite the right or wrong choice for you.

The larger the Pine Trees, the more stable your soil is. If you have 8 to 10 inch large Pines, there is probably a good root system, the soil is fairly sandy and not very boggy. The lots that have a black, organic soil, you won’t see these types of pine tree there.

CAMA and FEMA have designated certain areas as “section 404” which means they are wetland areas that cannot be disturbed or built on. Keep your eye out for that on your survey, plot map or site plan.

In the lot shown in the video, the sand is nice and white with a grey base and has a fairly good consistency with no smell and there is very little organic matter in it. It also doesn’t hold water. If these factors are present (soil holding water or has black, organic, smelly soil) in the lot you’re looking at, it could warrant a soil test where, depending on how deep the organic matter is. You really want to find a nice, white sand like the sand in the video.

Look for easements on your lot as well, such as golf course-related, drainage, power lines, etc. Easements could restrict the type of home or driveway that can be built.

When you’re selecting your lot, look nice, non-organic sand that isn’t holding water with some decent trees and good soil.

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