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Centerline Construction Chat: LP Gas Tanks

Categories: Centerline Construction Chat, Jeff Satterwhite, LP Gas Tanks, NC Construction | Posted: January 28, 2013

Watch Jeff Satterwhite’s video below to learn about what LP Gas Tanks are, why we need them in Southeastern NC and what is different about them compared to Natural Gas.

Centerline Construction Chat – LP Gas tanks

In this area of NC, there is no natural gas  – most people from the north and populated cities are used to natural gas piped to your home with a big blue regulator that regulates the gas pressure in your home.

We rely on LP Gas here since we don’t have that. There is a tank under the ground, they come in different sizes from 300 up to 1,000 gallons. Most homes have between 350-500 gallon tank.

Normal system is a ½ psi for pressure for propane, sometimes it will be a 2 psi system if you have a large requirement for natural gas, if you’re heating off LP or you have a backup generator. Ther is a regulator on there showing it is filled to 85%, never filled to 100% because there is always room for expansion.

This tank has a regulator that will regulate the pressure for the entire house, your gas tank, backup generator, heating and AC, cooking, fireplace, etc. will all work off the LP just like natural gas. The only difference is that gas appliances will have to have the orifice changed, because LP and natural gas are different sized molecules that burn differently so they have a different sized orifice for the actual burner inside the item.

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