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Centerline Construction Chat 8: Electrical

Categories: Building a Home, Centerline Construction Chat, Electrical | Posted: June 23, 2011

Rough In Electrical system with Jeff Satterwhite and Brent Jackson

Thanks for watching! Below is a written explanation of the Electical Units built into your Home.  

Brent Jackson – Electrician

Breaker Box/ Panel – this box will receive at least 200 amps of power, 42 slot panel, the little clipins is where the circuit breakers are

White Wire – Romex Wire, 15 amps, general lights and receptacle usage
Yellow – 12-2 Romex Wire, 20 amps, serves bathrooms, kitchen and dining room
Orange – 10-2 Romex Wire, 30 amps, heat unit or oven
Other Orange – 10-3 Romex Wire, 30 amps, for ovens and driers

Normally the larger wires use a 220 type voltage; the others use a 110 type voltage.

New construction box – (Nail Up Box) One goes in before the sheet rock, A Popin Box goes in afterwards.

Normal Box has three types of wire:
1. Ground Wire – 110 GFI circuit, the ground wire goes back to the panel and back to the ground with a grounding rod to ground the circuit
2. Hot feed wire
3. Neutral wire

Typical Switch box – behind the little switch in your wall should be all of these wires.

Green Sticker on the other panel means the electrical team has passed their inspection from the Brunswick County Inspectors.

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